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Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” Horror Film Discusses Societal Issues & Race Relations In 2017!

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Comedian Jordan Peele’s new movie “Get Out” is making headlines globally. This movie has received high ratings and even received a 100% score on some of the most notable movie review platforms. The previews makes the film appear as a horror film more than a thought provoking, conversation starter, or a film discussing underlying societal issues. This film tells the story of a African American man going to meet his caucasian girlfriend’s parents for the first time without her telling her parents that he was a black man, or so she led him to believe. He was advised not to go but the girlfriend convinced him there was no reason for him to worry. This film had very disturbing scenes and it kept the audience engaged because it was unpredictable yet relate-able. Jordan Peele turned the mirror on racism in America. Americans who are  judgmental, racist, and demeaning with their words and actions towards other races without ever acknowledging their negative actions. This film brought horror and comedy together to tackle some of society’s most difficult conversations. Jordan Peele was genius in his writing and concept behind this film.

Jordan spoke about using this film to show what modern day slavery and racism looks like. This film shows that we aren’t living in a “post racism” world like some may think. This film shows that America loves certain things about African- American culture and that the struggle parts aren’t accepted or embraced which dehumanizes us.

 This is one of the most thought provoking and impactful films to date. Films like this bring America a step closer to closing and bridging the gap between cultures through authenticity.  Jordan Peele elaborated on different elements and parts of the film that he thought would accurately tell the story such as the plantation style home, having black staff, and the subtle racist sarcasm. Critics are raving about the film whether they are supporting the film or thinks that its racially motivated, the film is a hot conversation starter after grossing $33 Million in the box office over the weekend.  

View the videos below to hear what Jordan had to say exclusively to the press:



Jordan Peele Talks Pt.1

Jordan Peele Talks Pt. 2

Jordan Peele Talks Pt. 3

Jordan Peele Talks Pt. 4

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