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Is Kirk And Rasheeda Frost’s Marriage Worth Saving?

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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fans better buckle up their seat belts for the bumpy road ahead after last night’s episode! To many viewers’ approval, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s life-changing infidelity and paternity drama opened up the show.

For those that are a little behind, here is what happened between the two so far:

At an event hosted by Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez, a woman named Jasmine, a former stripper and girlfriend of Mimi’s ex Rod, claimed she was messing around and even had a baby boy with Kirk! This is where things got real – Kirk arrives to the party and after being confronted by Jasmine, Karlie Redd, and Joc, denies anything ever happened.

Fast forward to later on, Karlie Redd takes it upon herself to meet up with Jasmine to see if things really down between her and Kirk Frost. To Karlie’s disbelief, Jasmine had much more than enough receipts to prove herself. Among confirmation that Kirk moved her into the same building as him and Rasheeda, Jasmine had text messages, phone calls, pictures, and even a video of Kirk playing with the baby! Believing it’s her duty as a friend, Karlie Redd then has a talk and tells Rasheeda that there’s no way this girl could be lying with all the receipts she had stocked up – Mind you, Kirk lied to Rasheeda’s face and told her he’s never seen the girl in his life.

Now that you’re all caught up, on to last night’s episode!

While sitting at the dinner table, Rasheeda questions Kirk about the Jasmine allegations to see if he’ll come clean. After noticing he wasn’t going to budge, she lets him know that she knows about everything – him moving the woman into their, the text messages – everything.

Poor Kirk, guilt was shown all over his face and he finally confesses to cheating. Kirk stated, “We were never in a relationship”.

Wait for it, there’s more!

Kirk then confesses that Jasmine did live directly downstairs from them! Rasheeda was so angry, she removed her wedding ring, placed it on the table, and kicked Kirk out the house!

Do you think Kirk and Rasheeda should try to work things out? Sound off in the comments.






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