Miami Rapper Block Bezzle Talks Being Independent & Working With Ice Billion Berg On Smash Hit ‘1K’

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Coming up in the city of Miami, Christopher Mccullor, more commonly known by fans as Block Bezzle, has been creating music his entire life. The Florida native first fell in love with hip hop when he saw Kris Kross’ “Jump Jump” video on television at the age of 11. From that moment on he was hooked and certain music was the path for him to pursue.

Fast forward to now, Block Bezzle’s buzz continues to build with his fanbase following suit. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with established local artists such as Ice “Billion” Berg, Mike Smiff, YT Triz, Geno Da Boss, ILL Matt, Jazzy F, Skeet Blak and many others. His charismatic personality brings an intoxicating stage presence that not only fits his unique style, but makes it pretty hard to forget his name.

In early 2017 Block Bezzle released his newest mixtape titled “Hard 2 Live Easy 2 Die”.  It drew a lot of interest on social media gaining 20,000 downloads within the first week it was released. Besides music, Block Bezzle is also passionate about design and is now creating a line of clothing. The clothing will feature stitching fabrics from Make it Special Monogramming, an embroidery company owned by Stephanie Mcgill.

Block Bezzle is ready to make even bigger things happen this time around. He knows that in this music industry it’s either eat or be eaten, and only the hungriest strive to tell his/her story. He is a determined entertainer and a true lyricist in his own way. His diverse talent perhaps, is one of the best rappers we have yet to see in a long time. Continue reading for our in-depth interview with Miami’s rising star where we discuss being independent, his mixtape, and more.

What was the creative process for ‘Hard 2 Live Easy 2 Die’?

The focus for this project was reflecting on the different situations life can put you in.

Why did you choose that title for the project?

I chose it because it’s self explanatory – its hard to live and its easy to die.

One of your biggest hits “1K” features fellow emcee Ice Billion Berg and is definitely heating up the rap game. How did that collaboration come about and what’s the inspirations behind the record?

My manager Cook let me know he had a personal relationship with Berg and his management and that a collaboration between us would be dope. He got them on the phone, all of us talked about it and made sure the paperwork situation was taken care of, and there you go – you got magic. The inspiration behind the record was basically always be you and keep it all the way a thousand. You dont have to pretend for anyone. Just be you.

As an independent artist, you’ve managed to attain 22,000 views on YouTube and quickly gain a fan base across social media. How does that feel?

Great for a local artist like myself. I just speak from the heart and pray the fans will feel me.

How do you want people to feel when listening to your music?


I want them to feel my pain from life and what we go through. My goa lis to touch the fans and speak on their situation while also speaking on mine.


Where do you see yourself within your career in the next five years?


Capturing a major distribution deal and becoming an executive of my own company


Where can people keep up with you?


@BlockBezzle on all social platforms


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