VH1’s Amina Pankey Talks Finding Healing Through The Process Of Writing New Book “The Other Woman”

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Amina Pankey has been ridiculed on national television because of her decisions and love for one particular playboy “Peter Gunz”. Even Though, she was often referred to as the side chick in reality, Peter put a ring on it! Peter Gunz made a mockery out of marriage and his relationships when it played out on national television that he had a wife and a long term relationship with prior baby mama “Tara Wallace”. Peter since even after acknowledging his marriage to wife “Amina Pankey” still stepped out and had a third child with previous baby mama “Tara Wallace”.  This was shocking to both Amina and the world watching her life unfold on national television. Amina had terminated a pregnancy due to Peter’s mischievous behaviours right before Tara announced she was pregnant again. If this wasn’t enough to endure in private, it was definitely more than enough to endure with the world watching, laughing, and ridiculing your pain.  Since then, Amina has worked on self love and getting back to her happiness prior to marriage. She discussed her healing process and what it was like being misunderstood on national television and being misjudged. Click below to check our exclusive sit down with Amina Pankey during her book release in Atlanta, Georgia recently.


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