Why Should America Celebrate “International Women’s Month?” Let Us Break It Down For You!

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L-R (Top – Bottom) (JeLisa Tannehill – 21 Twenty Marketing, Shaunelle Murphy – Ace Photos & Designs, Mya Cullins – Serial Entrepreneur/ Author, Armani Martin – Director/Producer, Stephanie Davis -Empower Magazine, Dee Thomas -Pro Fitness Trainer – Rock Paper Fitness, Andrea Renee – Ladies Of Steele //Bottom Row – Marci Ware – Personal Trainer/ Fit Queen, Krystal Mobley – Editor @ Blk Bella Mag & Hollywood Unlocked, Jelisa Raquel – Broadcasting Beauty PR – Sheen Magazine – Blk Bella Mag Publisher, Tiara Marei – Fashion Photographer/ Tiara Marei Studios!


Some may not agree that we need a gender specific month. Just like some don’t agree with black history month but of course this is something that celebrates gender and  minorities that had been previously suppressed in our past American history. When there is known discrimination and hatred towards a certain race or gender in our history books, why wouldn’t we celebrate the evolution of this country and the positive changes that have occurred?

In our past American history women weren’t allowed education, voting rights, amongst a host of other gender related injustices. We celebrate women during the month of March for those very reasons!

Celebrate evolution, celebrate change, celebrate America coming a step closer to respecting and appreciating every gender, race, and culture and what they add to America’s genetic makeup.

Women have contributed countless achievements and accomplishments that have paved the way and opened the door for many others such as Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Ida B Wells, and many more historic figures that are women were often left out of our history books. It’s up to us to continue celebrating women and all that we have to offer despite naysayers who don’t see the value in celebrating a specific gender as mentioned in a cornell review article completely bashing “women’s history month”. This article calls today’s feminists “delusional” and mentions that today’s feminists are creating imaginary injustices and gender gaps. If any of these statements were true we wouldn’t currently still be arguing about men voicing their opinions about our hair, fashion, decisions, bodies, and personal matters that we shouldn’t have to include their opinions in. If anything in that article had any value we wouldn’t be disgusted by “Bill O’Reilly’s” recent remarks made about “Maxine Waters” hair live on national television as we were discussing politics. Also, recently after the overnight disappearance of 34 black and latina girls in Washington, DC the need for support and praise of “womanhood” is needed more now than ever before. We hosted a super inspiring “girl power shoot” earlier this month in Atlanta with women of all professions, backgrounds, and cultures. The official release of the inspirational shoot will debut next month. In the meantime, we are sharing a few of our favorite shots from the shoot in celebration of “Women’s International Month”. 

To All Women “Keep Inspiring & Being Great Unapologetically!”

All Photos By: Antoinne Duane Jones

Senior Publicist, Journalist, and Celebrity Blogger from Atlanta,GA. Credits include Rollingout Magazine, Sheen Magazine, BE Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and many more!

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