Inspirational Chicago Blogger & Bleeding Heart Project CEO, “Raijean Stroud” Passes Away

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Accomplished media personality, mother, soror, and blogger Raijean Stroud of Chicago, Illinois was living her life normally this time last year. Raijean passed away this weekend, April 1, 2017 as a result to the stroke she suffered last June. She was a major blogger who attended beauty, fashion, and lifestyle based events who helped bring awareness to brands and products worth recognition. Raijean always wore a smile and exuded positivity wherever she was no matter what was occurring!  Friends closest to Raijean had nothing but positivity to share about their beloved friend and sister.

” I would want people to know what a determined and strong person she was. If she wanted something she went for it and no matter how many time life knocked her down she got right back up with and extra fire in her eyes. She was so motivating and just wanted to see everyone win. I loved her so much.”

Farrah Monroe

Raijean was like a big sister and mentor to me. She inspired so many people daily.”

– Kia Benion

Raijean previously had a close call and found out she was battling heart disease. From that moment, she decided to spread awareness to others about taking care of yourself and the risks of heart disease with her initiative “Go RED for Women Campaign” and the founder and CEO of “Bleeding Heart Project”, which it’s main focus is educating others about heart disease. She impacted people all around the world through blogging, inspiring online, inspirational social media posts, and simply through educating others. She was set to release a new book “The Art of Reinvention” around the same time she suddenly fell ill. Raijean suffered a stroke on June 1st, 2016. Prior to her stroke she was conducting interviews and working normally on her journalism duties.

Photo of Raijean & 2 Chainz on June 1st, 2016

Raijean was also an amazing mother and sister. She was also a proud member of “Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.”   The amount of love that has been poured out since the news of Raijean’s passing is amazing. She was loved by everyone and anyone who had the pleasure to come in contact with her. Sending prayers and strength to Raijean’s family, sorors, and friends. The media realm not only lost an amazing personality but the world lost an amazing woman.  Let’s continue to keep Raijean’s legacy alive through the education of heart disease and support of her organization “Bleeding Heart”. Raijean previously stated that heart disease takes more lives that HIV/AIDS or cancer. RIP soRHOr Raijean Stroud


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