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The Never Ending Saga: Chris Brown and Karrueche 

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The Chris Brown and Karrueche saga continues. This time it includes a restraining order. Chris Brown has been ordered to stay away, a minimum of 100 feet to be exact, from Karreuche and her immediate family members. Karrueche has stated that Chris threatened her and she is not here for it.
This doesn’t seem too surprising with the video Chris posted on his Instagram.


This isn’t the first time the former couple has been in the media. The two have had their good and bad times, and it’s all been shown in the media. Let’s go back to the beginning and see where it all began.
In 2011-2012, there were rumors of Chris and Karrueche getting together after meeting at a styling job. During this time Chris and Rihanna were still a big item although they weren’t together anymore. Fans of Rihanna were supposedly sending threats to Karreuche.
As a result of these threats and the chaos they were causing Chris broke things off with Karrueche. While many believed that Chris and Rihanna were getting back together, they weren’t. Chris remained friends with both women.
In 2013-2014, Chris Brown and Karrueche were back together again and  living together. Things appeared to be all good between the two. During 2014, Chris went through rehab and Karreuche stayed by his side. After his release from rehab the couple broke up. Only for them to get back together. This was confirmed about the two were spotted together at a celebrity football game.

This then began a series of off again on again between the two.

In 2015, after getting back together things really became ugly when news broke about Chris fathering a baby girl. Social media went crazy as we learned about Chris’s beautiful daughter, Royalty. Karrueche tweeted this:

After things were officially over,  2016- to current day, the back and forth continues.

Karrueche posted this

Chris commented saying “Thirst trap 101…Continue to be a lady beautiful … U are perfect … Don’t let the Thot form from anger.”
Karrueche was later seen on Iyanla Fix My Life where she discussed everything from father issues to Chris Brown.

You can watch here: Iyanla Fix My Life: Karrueche 

It doesn’t stop there a series of exchange via instagram start here:

Kae’s response

Chris response:

Chris Brown isn’t one to let go so easily and he’s made that very well known.

He’s implied to Tyson Beckford that he needs his legs to walk runways. This came about after Tyson posted a picture with Karrueche.
The latest drama has been Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. The start of this drama is Soulja Boy liked a photo and commented heart eyes under it. This turned into a series of exchange from two and ultimately lead to doing a boxing match. Here’s what Karrueche had to say on the matter.

All of this has lead up to a restraining order.

Friends of karrueche have defended her actions and agrees with it.

This matter is still on-going but it’s being held up due to Karrueche not being able to legally serve Chris the court documents.

Chris Brown is currently out headlining his own tour, The Party Tour. You or Karrueche can catch him in your city, check the dates below.

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