It’s Okay Not To Be Okay: A Black Woman’s Guide to Self Presevation

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Since we were little girls we’ve been told that we must be strong black women. We must take care of everybody. Often times this leads to our own needs being neglected. As black women it is vital that we take good care of our mental health. We must take some time out for ourselves. Here’s five things we can do to take care of ourselves mentally while still providing for those who depend on us.

1. Pray/Meditate

Sometimes life can get hectic and things can become overwhelming. Start you day with meditation and prayer. Sit in complete quietness or soft music. Sit alone with your thoughts and allow yourself to be relaxed.

2. Encourage Yourself

After you’ve meditated and cleared your mind prepare for your day by stand in the mirror face to face with you wholeness and encourage yourself. Speak positively over the day that is before you. Release positive energy into the universe so that it returns to you. Once you learn to encourage and motivate yourself there will be no need to look to others for affirmation.

3. Learn How to Say “No”

As natural nurtures sometimes it is hard for to say no. This leads to us being used by those around us. It will also lead to our own needs being neglected if we are not careful. Black women must learn to say no. Sometimes we have the superwoman syndrome where we feel like we are unstoppable, unbreakable beings that have no limits, but the truth is we do. Once we acknowledge those limits it will be easier to say “no”. No one will value our time if we do not.

4. Manage Your Time Wisely 

 Speaking of the value of time, it is vital that we learn to value our time and manage it wisely. Keep a daily planner. Write down for appointments and schedules for that day. By doing so you will see what you can reasonably do for others without adding stress to your own life.
5.Keep A Journal

As little girls we have all kept diaries writing down all of our secret crushes and dreams, this is a habit that should carry over into adulthood. Keep a journal to collects your thoughts,dreams and goals. Seeing things written down makes them more real. By keeping a journal you will definitely see growth in your life.
These five this things will help you to become a better woman who is able to love and support others because they will strengthen you mentally. We must be sure to take some time for ourselves. This will help us to be the best daughters, sisters, friends, wives, girlfriends we can be.

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