Toasting To Survivors With The Pink Champagne Gala & The Charge Up Campaign

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Breast Cancer for years has plagued women from all over the world with pain and enduring the process of breast removal surgeries, medication, and even sometimes leading to death. Often times we focus on how much damage and illness or disease has caused without celebrating those who have defeated or beaten the illness.


Charessa Sawyer has shined light on some of breast cancers toughest warriors for 3 years consecutively honoring survivors, and healthcare professionals during an elegant and chic pink champagne gala.


SC Visionary Services and The Table Talk Series, Charge Up Campaign hosted their 3rd Annual Pink Champagne Gala this past weekend. It was themed after the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, Cancer is a Beast celebrated Cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Proceeds from the gala supported Painted Pink (, Charge Up Campaign’s Pink Road Trip and ongoing support programs. The wonderful event was hosted by V103’s  “Ray Vangroove Dyer”. Honorees included; Tiah Tomlin, Anisa Palmer, Janet Jackson, Larry Love, Meisha Amia and many more.

Charessa Sawyer is the creator of the Charge Up Campaign and has successfully executed her charitable efforts to bring awareness to breast cancer and its dangers through private, elegant, networking dinners and events with influencers who can assist in spreading the word. You can follow the campaign online @chargeupcampaign

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