My Experience as A Teen Reporter

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Journalism is one of the few career fields that can be very broad within the many different occupations that the field can provide. Such as videography, photography, reporting, freelance writing and specializing in public relations. Each occupation is different and has different roles and responsibilities for each, however, they do share some similarities.  Consistency, persistence, hard work and determination are some of the most important skills that are needed in such a demanding industry regardless of what occupation you decide is best for you. These skills were something that I soon found myself having to depend on in order to become a successful teen reporter.

It all started towards the end of my sophomore year in high school. We were instructed to create a miniature documentary of our high school career for an end of the year project. After filming and editing, the project for a mere month a woman who made me feel as though I could make it in the industry – Ms. Warren – appraised me for my work ethic, skills, and determination for completing the project – seeing how a few problems arose. She then directed for me to pull out my phone and call VOX Teen Communications with a referral from her in tow. Little did she know, that phone call helped start my career not only as a journalist but as a teen reporter as well.

That very night, I filled out the application and patiently waited for a response. On May 22, I was contacted saying that they had a spot available and that they were ready to start working with me. June 3rd, the day of orientation, I was ready to see what the media industry had to offer! Upon my arrival, I had been blown away with the professionalism that the people my age were displaying and I got the chance to actually see the space and environment that I would be working in and instantly decided that this was it – this is what I wanted to do with my life. I filled out the paperwork, interacted with my soon to be peers/ coworkers, and got all of my questions asked and answered. This was something that I was actually looking forward to, a job that I was excited waking up for and going to every morning, something that was actually worth giving up my Saturdays!

Within that very first week of working, we were already meeting with professionals, working alongside them, and producing and publishing our own content. It was content that we actually wanted to write about, unlike papers your teachers made you write at school. This went on for June and July and then I applied for another position where I got to do even more than we did in the summer months. Since then I’ve published, written and produced many different types of content from entertainment to most recently teens in crisis and how to help them. Soon after I got the feel for writing and journalism as a whole, I applied for yet another position on our VOX Investigates team – where I am now a veteran member. On our team, we partner with different organizations and mentors after we pick a topic that can either help Atlanta’s teens or shed light to something that needs to be talked about but isn’t being covered in mass media, to cover for the semester.

 Being a teen reporter has opened all types of different doors from being able to interview sports team members such as the Atlanta Hawks, working with our partnering organizations to better understand teens that are not like myself, all the way to being able to connect with adults and actually network with them in hopes of getting another industry job. It’s a demanding job, but it’s all worth it in the end.

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