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Southern Slay: Twintastic Fashion’s Jelandria Vaughn!

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Jelandria Vaughn is the creator and owner of “Twintastic Fashion Boutique” located in the heart of Gadsden, Alabama. Jelandria finds joy in creating fashion statements no matter the size. This plus sized beauty makes no excuses when it comes to slaying the latest trend and she has mastered the art of celebrating your body and styling others according to their personal style, taste, and fit. If you’re ever visiting Gadsden visit “Twintastic Fashion” boutique or shop online via

How did you decide on the name of your business?


I’m a identical twin and that is how my boutique name originated from brainstorming many days and nights. I knew it had to be catchy and a part of me so when Twintastic came to my brain it was a hit!


How did you decide to create a boutique?


I always was a fan of fashion but during middle and high school I was more of a tomboy because me and my sister played all  sports. During the last two years of high school is when I became more into my “girly” ways of fashion. Me, my sister, and some of my friends were always making something or creating something such as bedazzling earrings, shoes, and even clothes!  Although I procrastinated for about a year, When I made the decision to start up my boutique three years ago I prayed about it and boom there I was launching and posting pictures to instagram from me and my sister’s home. Me and my sister would take pictures of each other and use my little cousin as a model from time to time. We were the models and taking the pictures from our cell phones to make posts about our items.


What are the main things you wanted your brand and boutique to stand for?


I knew when i started the boutique I wanted to provide something for women of all sizes that was affordable, trendy, and good quality. I wanted my customers to experience great customer service and a positive atmosphere while shopping. I want women to feel beautiful about themselves no matter what size they are.


How has your entrepreneurial experience been so far?


It has not always been a smooth road but with success comes many detours. I learn from my mistakes, and never give up no matter what happens.  You have to work hard, be consistent, and be willing to learn something new daily when running a business. I’m so thrilled about what God has in store for Twintastic and what the future holds for my business.  I’m so focused and ready take my business to the next level ! I am so thankful for my supporters on my journey! Thank you to all of my customers and clients because there is no Twintastic without you!


Jelandria Vaughn

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