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bb-team-4Broadcasting Beauty PR are searching for bright and capable interns.  We offer 3 month long internships for students in event planning, public relations, marketing, advertising, social media.

 If you have a keen interest in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle – Send us your resume. We would love to hear from you! Send your resume, Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

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BB Media provides coverage of Black TV shows, films, theatrical productions, web series, actors, and actresses. Right now volunteer positions are available for writers who wish to write about these topics. There’s no pay and we don’t have any revenue. At the moment we’re focused on building up our audience. Writing for BB is a fun way to gain writing experience and build up a portfolio. Should you wish to write for an online publication for your career, referencing articles you have published to the web on BB will give you an advantage.

Positions are available in the following categories:

1) General Writers – Scan other blogs, monitor Google alerts, and post news pertaining to upcoming Black film, theatrical, or Television productions, local news
2) News Beat Writers- Cover news pertaining only to one specific Black television show, actor, or actress of your choice
3) TV Recappers – Post your responses to episodes of television shows after they’ve aired.
4) Viral Article Writer – Create buzzfeed style stories with photos ie” 5 Reasons Michael B. Jordan Should Have Been Nominated For An Oscar”
5) Opinion Article writers – create thoughtful pieces pertaining to Black media, film, or television

6)Black Hollywood– Red carpet events, celebrity gossip, current news

For Students

Students who want a professional letter of reference from the editor must post 12 articles (1 per week) within 3 months from their start date.

For Other Writers

There is no minimum requirement for posting and you can post articles at will. However, preference will be given to those applicants who want to publish on a regular and recurring basis.

How To Apply

Your acceptance for the position will be based on a writing sample and the responses you provide in a follow-up survey. To start the application process, submit the form below.